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Sympathetic Nerves, N.Phrenicus and Nn.Splanchnici

An article on sympathetic nerves, phrenic and splanchnic nerves.

A link to the article: Sympathetic Nerves,Phrenic and Splanchnic Nerves – click here

The sympathetic ganglia are swellings along the length of the pair of sympathetic trunks running longitudinally on either side of the vertebral column. The sympathetic trunks are located anterior to the cervical transverse processes, anterior to the heads of the ribs, on the antero- lateral aspects of the lumbar vertebral bodies, on the anterior aspect of the sacrum (medial to the ventral sacral foramina) and on the front of the coccyx. They are located at the site of synapses between the preganglionic and postganglionic neurons. There are a variable number of ganglia, approximately two (or three) cervical, eleven thoracic, four lumbar, four sacral and one coccygeal. The ventral rami of all spinal nerves are connected to the sympathetic trunk by gray rami communicantes. The ventral rami of T1 to L2 (L3) are also connected to the sympathetic trunk by white rami communicantes.

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